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Safe Labor Initiative



Talia Johnson was a highly talented, outgoing, and intelligent professional with a successful career and ownership of a thriving cake business in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was widely regarded as an exemplary daughter, sister, and friend. When she shared the news of her pregnancy, the expectation was naturally high that she would excel as a mother.


The news of Talia's passing was deeply unsettling. The circumstances surrounding her death, particularly in the hospital shortly after giving birth, raised questions and concerns.

While the details of Talia's situation were not witnessed firsthand by myself, it is acknowledged that sometimes unforeseen tragedies occur. However, based on available information and research into this matter, there is a heartfelt belief that, had Talia not been a woman of color, the outcome might have been different. Unfortunately, this narrative is all too familiar within the black community, where stories often face dismissal and become nothing more than statistics on a spreadsheet.

In response to the loss of our sister, the Safe Labor Initiative was established. Reflecting on Talia's experience, it aims to equip black women to identify avoidable mishaps, provide advocacy, and contribute to the reduction of adverse outcomes.


While we cannot alter the past, this initiative strives to increase awareness of risks, methods of prevention, and measures to ensure optimal outcomes for others in similar situations.


The mission of the Safe Labor Initiative is to address the alarming rates of maternal morbidity, with a specific focus on women of color. Our initiative is committed to:

  1. Education: Empower women of color through comprehensive education on maternal health issues. This includes imparting knowledge on nutrition, genetic predisposition, prevalent trends, and risks, with the ultimate goal of preventing common complications during pregnancy.

  2. Advocacy: Serve as a steadfast advocate for mothers who may lack the ability or awareness to advocate for themselves. Through birthing buddy workshops and Doula services, we aim to provide unwavering support, ensuring that every mother receives the care and attention she deserves.

  3. Addressing Disparities: Identify and confront racially motivated disparities in maternal health. We are dedicated to raising awareness and implementing strategies to combat these disparities, fostering a more equitable and just healthcare system for all.

  4. Acknowledgment and Support: Extend acknowledgment and support to children who have tragically lost their mothers during childbirth. By providing emotional and practical assistance, we strive to create a compassionate community that recognizes and addresses the unique challenges faced by these children.

The Safe Labor Initiative is committed to creating a future where maternal health disparities are eliminated, every mother receives the support she needs, and the well-being of both mothers and children is prioritized and safeguarded.


What we're doing....

The members of Delta Psi Rho Sorority, Inc. are committed to effecting positive change. With a presence in 19 chapters across the country and ongoing expansion, we aim to leverage our influence to implement the following initiatives:

1. Education and Training:
   - Conduct training sessions for sorors in each chapter, focusing on statistics, causes, and warning signs of prenatal and postpartum complications. Our objective is to empower every member, including our newest recruits, to offer essential information and resources to women of childbearing age.

2.  Free Workshops:
   - Organize complimentary workshops specifically designed for women of color. These sessions will serve as safe spaces for open dialogue, allowing participants to share experiences, exchange stories, and gain insights into nutritional and physical changes for preventive care. Information on advocacy, planning, and expectations will also be provided.

3. Doulas:
   - Establish a grant program to assist those in need of Doula services. This initiative seeks to alleviate financial burdens, ensuring individuals have access to the support and advocacy provided by a Doula during the childbirth process.

   Additionally, our sorors are actively engaging in doula training programs within their respective cities. This training initiative is geared towards equipping our members with the necessary skills to volunteer as doulas, ensuring that mothers within our communities receive comprehensive support and do not fall through the gaps in maternal care. This hands-on commitment further exemplifies our dedication to making a positive impact on maternal health outcomes.

4. Grants and Scholarships:
   - Offer grants and scholarships to families in need who have experienced the loss of a provider during childbirth. This financial support is intended to ease the challenges faced by these families and provide them with a sense of security during difficult times.

By implementing these initiatives, Delta Psi Rho Sorority, Inc. aims to contribute meaningfully to the well-being and support of women and families, particularly those within communities of color, fostering positive change in maternal health outcomes.

How you can help

If you are interested in contributing to the Safe Labor Initiative are warmly invited to get involved and make a meaningful impact on maternal health. There are several avenues for participation, including:

  • volunteering at a workshop if you are a Doula or professional who can offer expertise

  • making financial contributions to support our initiatives

  • spreading awareness within their communities.


Whether it's sharing our resources, attending awareness events, or collaborating on projects, we can all help play a crucial role in expanding the reach and effectiveness of the Safe Labor Initiative.


We welcome individuals from all backgrounds who share our commitment to improving maternal health outcomes to join us in this important endeavor. To explore opportunities for involvement, please visit our website or reach out to our dedicated team. Your support can help us create positive change in maternal care for women across diverse communities.

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