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Delta Psi Rho Senior Dues Scholarships

Did you know that high school seniors often encounter financial barriers in the form of graduation fees, ranging from $250 to upwards of $500? At Delta Psi Rho, we firmly believe that every child's primary responsibility is to pursue education and absorb knowledge for a successful transition into adulthood. However, we recognize that for some families, these fees can present a significant financial burden, potentially jeopardizing a student's ability to graduate.

Bridging Opportunities for Graduation

Our Initiative:

In response to this challenge, Delta Psi Rho is proud to introduce the Senior Dues Scholarship Program. This initiative is designed to assist families who may lack the means to cover these graduation fees, ensuring that no student is hindered from participating in this milestone due to financial constraints.


Key Features:

1. Financial Support: The Senior Dues Scholarship provides financial assistance to eligible high school seniors, covering the costs associated with graduation fees.


2. Equal Access: We are committed to fostering equal opportunities for all students, irrespective of their financial circumstances. Our aim is to eliminate any obstacles that may prevent a deserving student from participating in their graduation ceremony.3. Community Impact: By offering these scholarships, Delta Psi Rho seeks to make a tangible impact on the lives of families facing financial hardships, enabling students to focus on their education without the added stress of graduation expenses.

Celebrating Graduation Day
Celebrating Graduation Day
How to Apply

Interested students or their guardians can apply for the Senior Dues Scholarship by submitting the form below. Delta Psi Rho will carefully review applications and award scholarships based on financial need and individual circumstances.

As we champion education and the pursuit of knowledge, Delta Psi Rho is dedicated to supporting students on their journey to graduation. Together, let's ensure that no financial barrier stands in the way of a student's academic achievements and the celebration of their accomplishments on graduation day.

(form coming soon- check back for details)
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