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Certified Vendor Program

Program Overview

Delta Psi Rho Sorority, Inc. recognizes the importance of protecting our unique identity, brand, and intellectual assets. Intellectual property (IP) serves as the foundation of our organization, encompassing symbols, names, slogans, and other creative expressions that distinguish us. By actively protecting and responsibly managing our intellectual assets, we ensure the continued strength and authenticity of our sorority's brand while promoting a culture of respect and compliance within our community. This overview provides a brief insight into our approach to safeguarding and leveraging our intellectual property.

Key Components

01. Trademarks & Symbols

- Our sorority name, logo, symbols, and any other identifying marks are protected by trademarks.
   - Strict guidelines for proper usage and restrictions on unauthorized reproduction to maintain consistency and brand integrity.

02. Slogan & Verbal Identity

- Unique slogans, mottos, or verbal expressions associated with our sorority are considered intellectual property.
   - Clear guidelines on usage and protection against unauthorized adoption or modification.

03. Educational Material

   - Intellectual property rights extend to educational materials, manuals, guides, and any content created by the sorority.
   - Policies in place to regulate distribution, reproduction, and adaptation of such materials.

04. Digital Presence

   - Protection of our online presence, including the official website, social media accounts, and other digital platforms.
   - Guidelines for the use of our name and symbols in online communication.

05. Merchandise and Apparel

- Licensing agreements for the production and sale of official sorority merchandise and apparel.
   - Monitoring and enforcement against counterfeit products to maintain the authenticity of our brand.

2024 - 2025 Certified Vendor List

Here is the list of approved, certified vendors for Delta Psi Rho Sorority, Inc. If you are looking for something that is currently not offered by one of our vendors or cannot be found in the DPR shop, please fill out the Complaints, Compliments and Requests Form.

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