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As a 501(c) 3 non-profit sorority, Delta Psi Rho relies on donations from individuals like you to support our efforts and make a difference in the world. Your donation can help us to enhance our programs and initiatives, and support our members as they grow and develop as leaders. Every donation, no matter how large or small, makes a meaningful impact. Thank you for choosing to support Delta Psi Rho.

Talia's Heart

The Safe Labor Initiative was created to help tackle the concerning numbers of maternal morbidity, specifically for women of color.

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Our Mission

To cultivate enduring bonds of sisterhood, offering unwavering support, guidance, and empathy.

To establish a comprehensive network of resources, capitalizing on our diverse talents, professions, and life experiences.

To identify the gaps within our communities and work collaboratively to fill these voids, promoting unity and positive change.

In our commitment to this mission, we strive to uplift one another and enrich the lives of those around us, exemplifying the values of sisterhood, empowerment, and community service."



In Delta Psi Rho, our vision is to bring together women from diverse backgrounds and equip them with the resources and encouragement to achieve empowerment and success.


We firmly believe that by nurturing a deep sisterhood, we can address existing gaps and cultivate a community of resilient, self-assured women poised to make a meaningful impact on the world."



Volunteering holds a central place within our sorority's core values, and we are wholeheartedly committed to our mission of "filling the voids" within our communities. We firmly believe that every small effort contributes significantly, and this is why we are enthusiastic about providing our Sorors with a multitude of volunteer service opportunities. We invite you to join us in effecting positive change and radiating goodwill. Together, let's craft a brighter future!

Delta Psi Rho Sorority, Incorporated is a non-collegiate social sorority, founded February 2020, in Atlanta, GA. While we do not discriminate against any race or culture, our Greek letter organization is structured around African American women and the needs of our communities.


We are currently made up of 19 chapters in cities all over the Mid-west and East Coast including Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Memphis, Tampa, Richmond, Orlando, Virginia Beach, Cleveland, Baltimore, Columbia, Jacksonville, and Nashville.

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